the more ~ the more~

  A good teacher is the one from whom the more we need academically, the more she can supply.


It is ~ that ~

  It is not just books that can't be judged by their covers,and so it is with presents.


too ~ to ~

  Our boss is too narrow-minded to endure different opinions.


not ~enough to do ~

  She is not old enough to make sense of the real meaning of the proverb- Time and tide wait for no man.


not ~ but ~

  A masterpiece is not something that can conform into an expectation but something that has to be an expression from the heart.


rather than

  Ducks can swim by instinct rather than intelligence.


Not until~

  Not until the director persuaded him did he agree to play a role of the doctor.


unless ~

  You will have difficulty in understanding the problem unless it is explained and analyzed from the historical perspective.


It has never occurred to/struck me that~

  It has never occurred to me that a person who has experienced ups and downs of life should believe such a ridiculous trick.


the moment ~/ the instant ~

  The contract will come into effect the instant it is signed.


It won't be long before ~

  It won't be long before you know that having a good attitude is half the battle.


once ~

  Once promised, he will surely be given a remote-controlled car as a birthday present.


only when ~

  Only when the test-oriented education is switched into the quality-oriented education are the chances that the students will develop their versatile abilities.


so ~ as to do ~

  Will you be so kind as to pull me through the difficult time?

  你这样善良, 能帮我渡过难关吗?

so ~ that ~

  The book is so instructive that it has become a must-read.

  So instructive is the book that it has become a must-read.


~ as ~

  Lose money as he did, he got a lot of experience, which contributed to his success in life.


It must be pointed out that~

  It must be pointed out that difficulties can bring out a person's best qualities.

  必须指出,困难能显示一个人的最佳素质。(bring out a person's best qualities)

be just about to do ~ when~/ be close to doing ~ when~/ be on the point of doing ~ when~

  I was on the point of buying that piano when my wife reminded me that this amount of money was for my son's tuition.

  I was close to buying that piano when my wife reminded me that this sum of money was for my son's tuition.

  I was just about to buy that piano when my wife reminded me that this sum of money was for my son's tuition.


not so much ~ as ~

  It is not so much with their wishes as with their actions that they can shape the future.


prefer to do~ rather than do~

  To face whatever you might prefer to hide rather than acknowledge requires courage


more ~ than ~

  Being obliged to leave the stage due to his illness, he has an emotion, which is more of regret than attachment.

  因病得离开舞台时,他有着一种情感, 这种情感与其说是留恋,还不如说是遗憾。

There is no doing ~

  There is no denying that bad things do happen to us sometimes.


It can't be denied that~

  It can't be denied that he has a gift for music however lazy he is.


There is no doubt that~

  There is no doubt that he will win the election by a large majority


so long as ~/as long as~

  However inharmonious they look in other people's eye, they can enjoy life so long as they love each other.


It is no wonder that ~

  It is no wonder that children love to visit museums.


It is +adj. +of sb. to do~

  It is mean of you to tip so little.


It is +adj./现在分词+for sb. to do~

  As a doctor, it is necessary for you to pay a regular visit to your patients, assuring them that your attention is still focused on them.


There is no use/point (in) doing~ / It's no good/use doing~

  It's no good helping him since he doesn't help himself.

  There is no use helping him now that he doesn't help himself.


Not only ~ but also ~

  Not only can knowledge help you conquer fear but also it can bring you real power.


It must be admitted that ~

  It must be admitted that online study is another effective way of self-improvement.


in spite of the fact that

  In spite of the fact that the old man doesn't know much, he is warm-hearted and friendly.