Unit 1


(anyone, something , nothing, everyone),( myself ,yourself ),seem ,bored , activity, as


1、on vacation 去度假 2、stay at home 待在家

3、something special 一些特别的东西 4、quiet a few 很多

5、most of 大多数 5、of course 当然

6、keep a diary 写日记 6、decide to do 决定做某事

7、feel like 感受到 8、 ride bicycles 骑自行车

9、 in the past 在过去 10、enjoy walking 喜欢散步

11、walk up to 爬上 12、start raining 开始下雨

13、because of 因为 14、sound great 听起来不错

15、forget to do 忘记去做某事 16、another two hours另外两个小时

17、from the top of 从顶上。。。 18、study for tests为考试学习

19、go out with sb. 与某人出去 20、long time no see.好久不见。

21、arrive in 到达


①--When did you do on vacation?

--I went to New York City.

②P3 How did you like it? 你觉得它怎么样?


①P2 We took quiet a few photos there. 我们在那拍了很多照片。

②P2 I just stayed at home most of the time to read and relax.


③P3 Why didn’t you buy anything for yourself? 为什么你不给自己买点东西?

④P5 I arrived in Penang in Malaysia this morning with my family.


⑤P5 What a difference a day makes! 多么不同的一天啊!

⑥P5 And because of the bad weather, we couldn’t see anything below.


⑦P5 The food tasted great because I was so hungry.





Unit 2


Full, internet, health, result, although, through, mind, die, none, point, maybe


1、on weekends 在周末 2、help with housework帮助做家务

3、hardly ever几乎从不 4、go to the movies 看电影

5、once a week 一周一次 5、twice a week 一周两次

6、three times a week一周三次 6、favourite program 最喜欢的节目

7、swing dance 摇摆舞 8、stay up late 熬夜

9、eat a healthy breakfast 吃健康的早餐10、at least 至少

11、free time activities 业余时间活动 12、go camping in the country 去乡下野营

13、for fun 为了开心 14、such as 例如

15、play together 一起玩 16、more than 多于

17、teeth cleaning 牙齿清洁 18、less than少于


① P10 What’s your favourite program?

②P12 She says it’s good for my health.


①P10 How come?

②P10 What kind of dance are you learn?

③P11 How often do you go to the movies?

④P11 I go to the movies maybe once a month.

⑤P13 We found that only fifteen percent of our students exercise every day.

⑥P13 And twenty percent do not exercise at all.

⑦P13 The other ten percent use it at least three or four times a week.

⑧P13 It is good to relax by using the Internet or watching game shows.

⑨P13 Exercise such as playing sports is fun, and you can spend time with your friends as you play together.


How often 问频率及回答

Unit 3


关于人的性格的词:funny, friendly, outgoing, hard-working, smart, lazy,

though, talented, truly, necessary, grade, share, loud, information


1、something new 一些新的事 2、have fun 玩的开心

3、care about关心 4、make sb. laugh 使某人大笑

5、do the same things as me跟我做一样的事5、a lot of大量

6、as long as 只要 6、bring out 表现

7、in fact 事实上 8、be similar to 与。。。相似


① P10 What’s your favourite program?

②P12 She says it’s good for my health.


①P18 But the most important thing is to learn something new and have fun.

②P21 I’m shy so it’s not easy for me to make friends.

③P21 Lurry is much less hard-working,though.

④P21 I don’t really care if my friends are the same as me or different.

⑤P21 A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.


① 比较级

② Both 和as…as用法

Unit 4


关于人的性格的词:funny, friendly, outgoing, hard-working, smart, lazy,

though, talented, truly, necessary, grade, share, loud, information


1、close to 接近 2、so far 到目前为止

3、truly talented 真有天赋 4、talent shows 天赋秀

5、have…in common 有。。。共同之处 5、all kinds of 不同种类的

6、be up to 是。。。职责 6、play a role 扮演。。。

7、make up 编造 8、for example 例如

9、take…seriously 。。。认真对待


① P27 He’s much better than other actors at finding the interesting roles.

②P31 Greenwood Park is the best place to go to on weekends.


①P26 How do you like it so far?

②P26 --Thanks for telling me.

--No problem.

③ P29 Talent shows are getting more and more popular.

④ P29 …they usually play a role in deciding the winner.

⑤ P29 And one great thing about them is that they give people a way to make their dreams come ture.


① 最高级

② 特殊的比较级与最高级

Unit 5


News, educational, discuss, stand, jokes, meaningless, famous, appear, become, successful, unlucky, lose,


1、hope to 希望 2、find out 找出,发现

3、want to do 想要做某事 4、expect to do 期待做某事

5、plan to do 计划做某事 5、action movie 动作片

6、over 80 years ago 80年前 6、come out 出版,发行

7、in the 1930s 在20世纪30年代 8、try to do 试着做某事

9、be ready to 准备做某事 10、try sb’s best 尽某人最大的努力

11、a symbol of 一种象征 12、dress up 打扮

13、 take sb’s place 取代某人的位置 14、do a good job 干得好

15、think of 认为


① P33 I don’t mind them.

②P34 Because I hope to find out what’s going on around the world.


P34 I like to follow the story and see what happens next.

P34 …but you can expect to learn a lot from them.

P34 I hope to be a TV reporter one day.

P37 One of the main reasons is that Mickey was a common man…

P37 Today’s cartoons are usually not so simple as little Mickey Mouse…



Unit 6


与职业有关的词汇,medicine, send, foreign, improve, themselves, weekly,


1、grow up 长大 2、a computer programmer 一名电脑程序员

3、keep on doing 继续做某事 4、make sure 确保

5、take singing lessons 上唱歌课 5、sound difficult 听起来困难

6、next September 明年9月 6、get good grades 得到好的分数

7、be able to 可能。。。 8、make resolutions 做决定

9、 the meaning of 。。。的意义 10、different kinds of不同种类

11、tidy my room 整理我的房间 12、at the beginning of 在。。。 的开始

13、write down 写下 14、plan for the coming year 为即将到来的一年做计划

15、physical health 身体健康 16、have to do with 关于

17、take up学着做 18、take photos 拍照片

19、for this reason 出于这个原因 20、make promise 承诺

21、 agree with 同意


①P47 The first resolution is about my own personal improvement.


①P42 …but I’m not sure about that.

②P43 What do you want to be when you grow up?

③ P43 How are you going to do that?

④ P43 Where are you going to work?

⑤ P45 My resolutions have to do with self- improvement.


含有be going to 的一般将来时

Unit 7


Paper, human, servant, probably, side, shape, possible, impossible


1、 live to be 活到 2、space station 空间站

3、over and over again 一次又一次 4、disagree with 不同意

5、hundreds of 数以百计的 6、fall down 摔倒

7、look for 寻找 8、 as a reporter 作为一名记者

9、during the week 在一周期间 10、on the weekend


1、 P49 Books will be only on computers,not on paper.

2、 P49 Will people live to be 200 years old?

3、 P50 There will be fewer people.

4、 P50 What’s your prediction about the future?


1、 P50 ...cities will be more crowed and polluted.

2、 P50 Everyone should play a part in saving the earth.

3、 P51 What will the future be like?

4、 P51 Will people use money in 100 years?

5、 P51 Will there be world peace?

6、 P52 They help with the housework and do jobs like working in dirty or dangerous places.

7、 P52 Fewer people will do such jobs in the future because they are boring, but robots will never get bored.

8、 P52 However, some scientists believe that although we can make robots move like people…

9、 P52 …it will be difficult to make them really think like a human.

P52 …thinks that robots will never be able to wake up and know where they are.


1、 含will 的一般将来时

2、 Few, more, less的用法

Unit 8


Peel, pour, add, piece, traditional, autumn,


1、pour...into, 把……倒入…… 2、cut out 剪除,切掉;

3、put...into... 把……放进…… 4、cut in 插嘴

5、change...into... 把……变成…… 6、cover A with B... 用B覆盖A...

7、mix...up... 混合起来 8、be covered with.... ....被...覆盖

9、add...to/into ... 把……加到……上 10、cut up 切碎;

11、add up (to) 加起来 12、shake hands with sb. 和某人握手

13、shake one's head 摇头


First, put some butter on a piece of bread.


1、 P58 What’s next?

2、 P58 …one more thing.

3、 P58 …don’t forget to add some salt.

4、 P61 …most Americans still selebrate this idea of giving thanks by having a big meal at home with their family.

5、 P61 …fill the turkey with this bread mix.




Unit 9


Invite, accept, refuse, weekday,


1、prepare for 为。。。做准备 2、another time 其他时间

3、bike riding 骑自行车 4、hang out 闲逛

5、the day after tomorrow 后天 6、look after 照顾

7、take a trip 旅行 8、at the end of 在最后

9、be glad to 很高兴。。。 10、by now 直到现在;

11、by this Friday 到这个周五 12、look forward to 期待

13、hear from sb. 收到某人的来信 13、invite…to.. 邀请。。。去。。

14、the opening of ..。。。开场 14、on the morning of Wednesday 在周三的早上

15、as a gift 作为一份礼物 16、reply to 回复

17、study for 为。。。而学习 18、turn down 拒绝


P66 I’m not available.


P66 …but Sam isn’t leaving until next Wesnesday.

P66 Catch you on Monday!

P67 Can you come to my party on Sunday?

P69 I already have a great idea about how to do that

P69 To show how much we’re going to miss her,…


Can 表示邀请

情态动词might 的用法

Unit 10


Meeting, organize, upset, advice, experience, solve, else


1、have enough time to do有足够时间去做 2、get advice from… 从。。获得建议

3、keep…to oneself 保守秘密 4、have a lot of worries 有很多的担心

5、be afraid to do 害怕去做。。。 6、keep doing.. 坚持,一直做某事

7、in the end 最后 8、run away 逃跑

9、in half 分成两半


P73 ..you’ll have a great time.


P74 …because they’ll be too lazy to cook.

P74 If we do that, more people will want to play the games.

P75 What will happen if they have the party today?

P77 Unless we talk to someone, we’ll certainly feel worse.


Can 表示邀请

情态动词might 的用法