1. I have been putting on weight. 我开始发胖了。

  2. I have just finished the book. 我刚刚读完这本书。

  3. I was late for work yesterday, 我昨天上班迟到了。

  4. It appears to be a true story. 这故事似乎是真的。

  5. I've got to start working out. 我必须开始做健身运动了。

  6. Japan is to the east of China. 日本在中国的东部。

  7. John asked Grace to marry him, 约翰向格雷斯求婚。

  8. My watch is faster than yours. 我的表比你的表快。

  9. New China was founded in l949. 1949年新中国成立。

  10. Thanks for your flattering me. 多谢你的夸奖。

  11. They charged the fault on him. 他们把过失归咎于他。

  12. This car is in good condition. 这车性能很好。

  13. This work itself is very easy. 这件工作本身很容易。

  14. Truth is the daughter of time. 时间见真理。

  15. We look forward to your visit. 期待您的光临。

  16. What do you think of this one? 您觉得这个怎么样子

  17. What's the weather like to day? 今天天气怎么样?

  18. A red tie will match that suit. 红领带会配那件衣服。

  19. A wet road is usually slippery. 潮湿的路往往是滑的。

  20. Example is better than precept。 身教胜于言传。