What's today's date?今天几号?--It's the tenth.

  It's August thirteenth.八月十三日.

  It's the thirteenth of August.

  What day is it? 今天星期几?

  It's Thursday. 星期四.

  Do you have the time? 现在几点?

  What time is it now?

  Have you got the time?

  What time have you got?

  May I ask the time?

  Could you tell me what time is it now?

  It's almost noon.快到中午了.

  It's one o'clock.现在一点钟了.

  It's a quarter to two. 一点四十五分

  It's one forty-five.

  It's a quarter of two.

  It's a quarter till two.

  It's five after one.一点五分

  It's five past one.

  It's half past nine.

  It's five minutes after one o'clock.

  The clock says 3:15 three fifteen.


  It's a quarter after three.3.15分

  It's a quarter past three. / It's 3∶15.

  It's ten to two.差十分两点.

  It's 1∶50 (one fifty).

  It's nine thirty.九点半(九点三十)

  It's half past nine.