Good morning, mom. 早晨好。

  Did the alarm clock go off?

  Did the alarm clock buzz?

  Did the alarm clock ring?


  It's time to get up! 该起床了!

  I don't want to get up. 我真不想起。

  want to=want to; going to=be going to


  It's time to get ready.

  Get up soon. 快点儿起床!

  I don't want to. 我真不想起。

  Are you awake? 你醒了吗?

  I am now. 我刚醒。

  Are you feeling sick? 你不舒服吗?

  No, I'm just tired. 没有,只是有点儿累

  Did you sleep well? 睡得好吗?

  Yes, I slept very well. 嗯,睡得挺好。

  No, I couldn't fall asleep.哪儿几乎没睡着

  Would you turn off the alarm clock?

  Please turn off the alarm clock.


  You finally got up. 你终于起来了。

  It's a nice day! 今天是个好天!

  It sure is. 是不错啊。

  It's a beautiful day!

  It's a wonderful day!

  It's a great day!

  Did you stay up late last night?


  Did you go to bed late last night?

  Let's fold up the futon. 把被子叠好

  Let's put the futon away. 把被子收起

  You were snoring last night. 打呼噜

  Did I keep you up? 影响你睡觉了吗?

  I had a nightmare. 我做了个可怕的梦

  It's all right now. 现在没事了/挺好的

  You left the light on. 你一直没关灯啊

  You forgot to turn off the light.你忘关灯了

  I have to go wash my face. 我得....

  It's time to eat breakfast.

  It's time to have breakfast.

  I'm still sleepy.

  I'm still drowsy.

  I'm still yawning. 我还打哈欠呢

  I have a hangover. 昨天的酒还没醒呢

  I'm a night person.我是个夜猫子--I'm not.

  I'm a morning person. 我喜欢早起。

  Coffee wakes me up.我是用咖啡来提神的

  Coffee gets me going.

  Did you brush your teeth? 刷牙了吗?

  Have you brushed your teeth?

  I have to comb my hair. 我要梳头了.

  What should I wear? 我该穿什么好呢?

  The red one. 穿红的吧!

  Which dress should I wear?

  Which one should I wear?

  What should I put on?

  Hurry up and get dressed. 快换衣服

  Put those pajamas away! 把睡衣收好

  Oh, I'm washing those. 啊,我正要洗呢

  I'm leaving. Bye mom! 我走了,妈妈.

  Study hard. 好好学习啊!