Dialogue 情景对话1

  H: How are you doing, Andrew?

  A: Not well. I’ve been feeling pretty lonely lately.

  H: But you have so many friends! How could you be lonely?

  A: You know what they say: a friend to all is a friend to none. I don’t feel like I really know any of my friends. In fact, I should probably call them acquaintances, not friends.

  H: What about me? I’m your friend.

  A: I know you are, but you’re my girlfriend. I wish I had a guy friend to hang out with sometimes.

  H: I know what you mean. I find it difficult to make new friends, too. It’s not as easy as it was when we were young, is it?

  A: Not at all.

  H: I’ve made a lot of new friends since I started learning English. Maybe you could join a club or take a class to make some new friends.

  A: That’s a good idea.

  H: What kind of qualities do you look for in a friend?

  A: I’m not sure. I guess I’d like to meet some people who have a positive attitude and want to have a good time.

  H: People who play ultimate Frisbee have a positive attitude; maybe you should join the ultimate Frisbee club.

  A: That’s a possibility. Thanks!

  Dialogue 情景对话2

  A: You haven’t spent much time with Sophia lately. Are you speaking to each other at the moment?

  H: No, we’re not. We”ve been drifting apart for a while.

  A: But you two used to do everything together. I thought you really enjoyed each other’s company.

  H: We did, but since she started her new job, all she does is hang out with her new friends from work.

  A: Can’t you hang out with them, too?

  H: I could, but all they ever talk about is work, so I always end up feeling left out.

  A: Maybe you should invite her over for dinner, so it’s just the two of you.

  H: I tried that a few weeks ago and she ended brining a pal from work with her! She’s so busy these days that it’s just impossible to hang out with her.

  A: It can’t be that bad. She was always a really good friend to you.

  H: you’re right. She would never talk about me behind my back or hold a grudge. But she just doesn’t seem very interested in our friendship anymore.

  A: She’s probably just excited about her new job. You should give her some time. It would be a shame to lose such a good friend.

  H: I’ve given her enough time. I’m over it now.

  A: I still think you two should try to patch things up.

  H: I think I just have to accept the fact that it’s time for us to go our separate ways.