P: I would like to have a check-up for a driving licence 。


  N: You need to have your eyes, ears and blood pressure checkd. You need to have a fluoroscopy done.你需要检查一下眼睛、耳朵和血压。你需要做透视检查。

  P: The doctor needs my weight, pleas weigh me.医生要我的体重,请给我量一下。

  N: Please bring a photograph of yourself, we have to affix a stamp on the corner of it.请带一张你的照片来,我们要在它的角上盖个印儿。

  P: The doctor suggested I have a series of gastro-intestinal tests made. What shall I do?


  N: I'll make an appointment for you at once. Come next Friday morning at 8 o'clock. Please don't eat or drink any thing after midnight.我现在就给你约定。下星期五早晨8点钟来。到后半夜就不要再吃东西或喝水了。

  P: Not even water?


  N: A sip of water is all right.小口水还是可以的。

  P: Where can I get the certificate stamped?


  N: Right here. I'11 do it for you.就在这儿。我来给你盖。

  P: If it is an emergency case, we can come at any time, can't we? Or should we phone first?


  N: If you have the time better notify us befor you come.假如有时间,最好来之前打个电话。

  Have you had your lungs x-raged this year?


  P: When can I get the result?


  N: Right away.马上就可以。

  In two days.两天以后。

  Next Monday.下星期一。

  P: May I ask our interpreter to phone for the result?


  N: Yes you may. You can have all the results next Monday when you come to see the doctor.是的,可以。 你下星期一看病的时候,所有的结果都会出来的。