convenience store 便利店

  discount 折扣

  chain store 连锁店

  shopping list 购物单

  supermarket 超市

  family size 家庭装

  department store 百货大楼

  receipt 收据

  mall 购物中心

  on sale 出售

  outlet 折扣店

  sell out 售完

  out of stock 脱销

  grocery store 杂货店

  out of stock 没存货

  in stock 有现货

  customer 顾客

  complaint 投诉

  deliver 送货

  counter 柜台

  closing time 停业时间

  balance 余额,结余

  past the prime 过了最好的时候

  luxurious items 奢侈品

  sell nothing but the best 只卖最好的

  bargain 便宜货;讨价还价

  electronic product 电子类产品

  stationery 文具


  electric cooker 电饭锅

  housekeeper 管家

  vacuum cleaner 真空吸尘器

  housemaid 女佣

  cleaning and washing 洗洗刷刷

  housewife 家庭主妇

  keep an eye on 照顾

  laundry 洗衣店