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Six meals a day!


Starter:Introducing yourself, Jobs


Intermediate:Episode 1 - Business travel




Six meals a day!

How to cook food?

My father loves his goat.

Hot or cold?

Taste the pepper. It's bad!

This shirt, not that shirt.

The boy is riding a bike. She is watching television.

The jeep is not cheap.

The beer is there. Are you sure?

My mother is a lawyer!

The room is bright!


Introducing yourself, Jobs

I'm/ you're/ Are you…?


Meeting people

Companies and countries(1)


Starting a telephone call

Companies and countries (2)

Your company

We/They are/Wh-questions


A company profile: Oxford University Press

Responsibilities and departments

Present simple:I/you/we/they

Taking and leaving a message

My department

Company types and activities

Present simple:he/she/it

An order


Food and drink

can/ can't

Inviting, accepting and declining

An invitation

Office technology

Possessive adjectives

Giving instructions

Technology at work

Transport and travel


Arranging a meeting

Traveling to work


Countries, nationalities, jobs

Present simple/ Possessives

Saying hello and goodbye

The first day in a new job

Progress Test 1

Company types and activities

Present simple

Booking and ordering by phone

My company

Progress Test 2

Location and company buildings

There is/ are Some/ any

Leaving telephone messages

Choosing the right location

Progress Test 3

Technology and functions

Adverbs of frequency

Asking for and offering help

In the warehouse

Progress Test 4

Documents and correspondence

Past simple: be and regular verbs

Solving problems

A personal assistant

Progress Test 5

Food and drink

Past simple: irregular verbs

Making conversation(1)

Making conversation(2)

Progress Test 6

Responsibilities and departments

Prepositions of place and movement

Showing a visitor round

Showing someone around

Progress Test 7


Present continuous

Arranging to meet

Working routines

Progress Test 8



Comparing and choosing

The Hilton hotel chain

Progress Test 9

Working in teams

Present continuous

Giving opinions


Progress Test 10

Air travel

Going to/ Infinitive of purpose

Staying at a hotel

At the hotel

Progress Test 11

Calendars and schedules

Present perfect

Planning a schedule

The Delhi Commonwealth Games

Progress Test 12


Company Facts


Introducing Yourself

A Company Profile: Glasbau Hahn

Progress Test 1

Job Contact

What are you doing?

Giving Information

A Worker's Profile: a Florist

progress test 2

Company Structure

Asking Questions

Preparing a Trip

Antony Rowe Printers

Progress Test 3

The Development Process


Giving a Report

The British Inventors Society

Progress Test 4

Job Benefits

Present Perfect

Giving a Project Update

Video CVs

Progress Test 5

Customer Satisfaction

Making Comparisons

Discussing a Meeting

Participating in a Meeting

Progress Test 6



Confirming Travel Plans

Business Travel

Progress Test 7

Orders and Deliveries

Making Arrangement

Making and Responding to Suggestions

LoveFilm: an Online Retailer

Progress Test 8

Sales and Advertising



Product Promotion

Progress Test 9

Green Initiatives

Give 1 Get 1

Asking for and Giving Clarification

a Formal Presentation

Progress Test 10

Corporate Entertainment (1)

Corporate Entertainment (2)

Inviting Someone to a Meeting

At the Restaurant

Progress Test 11

Evaluating Performance (1)

Evaluating Performance (2)

Describing Trends

Company Performance

Progress Test 12

Global Issues

Future Predictions


Green Energy

Progress Test 13

Managing Time (1)

Managing Time (2)

Describing and Responding to a Problem

Time Management

Progress Test 14

Business Coaching

Giving Advice

Asking for and Giving Advice

Participating in a Meeting(2)

Progress Test 15


Change Career Path

Giving a Personal Presentation

Presenting Yourself

Progress Test 16


Episode 1 - Describing work

Episode 2 - Networking follow-up

Episode 3 - Introductions and saying what you do

Episode 4 - Business networking

Progress Test 1

Episode 1 - Talking about projects

Episode 2 - Updating and delegating tasks

Episode 3 - Discussing actions

Episode 4 - A team meeting

Progress Test 2

Episode 1 - Talking about work-life balance

Episode 2 - Talking about past experiences

Episode 3 - Exchanging information

Episode 4 - Work-life balance

Progress Test 3

Episode 1 - Talking about services and systems

Episode 2 - Making comparisons

Episode 3 - Explaining how something works

Episode 4 - An introduction to presenting

Progress Test 4

Episode 1 - Talking about customer service

Episode 2 - Present tenses for future use

Episode 3 - Making and changing arrangements

Episode 4 - Customer service at the Hilton

Progress Test 5

Episode 1 - Business travel

Episode 2 - Welcoming visitors

Episode 3 - Touring the company

Episode 4 - Cultural differences

Progress Test 6

Episode 1 - Security at work

Episode 2 - Explaining and talking about changes

Episode 3 - Present perfect simple and continuous

Episode 4 - An informal presentation

Progress Test 7

Episode 1 - Teamwork and partnerships

Episode 2 - Presenting and discussing plans

Episode 3 - Talking about the future

Episode 4 - Working across cultures

Progress Test 8

Logistics and supply chains

Placing and Handling Orders

Reported Speech

A distribution center

Progress Test 9

Describing a Place of Work

Making Suggestions and Recommendations

Nouns and Quantifiers


Progress Test 10


First and second conditionals

Confirming decisions

A brainstorming meeting

Progress Test 11

innovation and new ideas

Giving a Formal Presentation

Superlative Forms

A formal presentation

Progress Test 12

Breakdown and faults

Discussing Problems

Asking for help

Product recalls

Progress Test 13

Describing Processes

Planning Future Contact

Passive Forms


Progress Test 14

Personal qualities

Appraising Performance and Setting Objectives

Past Perfect and Past Continuous

Assessing staff performance

Progress Test 15

Success and Achievement

Reporting Back on a Fact-finding Trip

Contrasting Language

How to be successful

Progress Test 16