Lili Hey,Jane! 嘿,简!

  Jane Hi, Lili. Good seeing you here.嗨,莉莉。很高兴在这里见到你。 Lili Yeah. What are you doing here?是的。你在这里做什么?

  Jane I want to buy a mobile online shopping store and they'll be cheaper.我想要在网店上买一部手机,它们将便宜很多。

  Lili Do you have a lot of your shopping online ?你是不是在网上买了许多东西? Jane Just so-so. Sometimes I like hunting a bargain at .还可以。有时候我喜欢在淘宝网上淘便宜货。

  Lili Do you like to shop online?你喜欢在网上购物吗?

  Jane Yeah. It's really convenient to shop from home. It also saves time.喜欢。真的很方便,不用出门就能买到东西,还节省时间。

  Lili Is it reliable to buy things online?网上买东西靠谱儿吗?

  Jane They'll deliver the books to your home for free and if there is any problem you can return them.人家还会免费送货上门。如果发现有问题,还可以退货。

  Lili I worry about identity theft online. It is easy for theives to steal my account number and password online.我总是担心网上支付的安全问题。在网上帐号和密码容易被盗。

  Jane That's not a problem as long as you use your own computer and only visit encrypted sites. 用自己的电脑在信誉好的网站买东西,就不会有问题的。

  Lili What about counterfeit goods?网上卖的东西会不会有假的?

  Jane Well, some places sell them. So you have to be careful where you shop.有的是。买之前一定慎重选择。

  Lili I've never shopped online before. How do you go about doing so?我从没在网上买过东西。你怎么买?

  Jane You can choose what you like from the catalogue and then order online.你可以在产品目录中挑选你喜欢的,然后在网上订购。 Lili How do you pay?怎么付款呢?

  Jane There are different ways to pay: COD, money order, and bank transfers.有好多不同的付款方式:货到付款、邮局汇款、银行电汇等等。

  Lili How long does it take for delivery?货多长时间能送到?

  Jane It usually takes 3 days within the city.市内一般三天就能到。 Lili Oh.Thank you.喔。谢谢。

  Jane You are welcome.你不用客气。