Do you need a doctor? --Yes, I think so. 你需要叫医生吗?

  Do you want me to get a doctor?

  Do you need any help?

  Please call an ambulance.请叫救护车.

  We need an ambulance now.

  Please get an ambulance.

  I'd like to see a doctor. 我要看病.

  I'm not feeling well. 我觉得身体不舒服.

  Could you send me a doctor?


  What's wrong with you?你怎么了?

  What's the matter?

  Is anything wrong?

  What are your symptoms? 症状


  When did it start?

  Let me check your temperature.


  Did you eat something unusual?


  Let me check your blood pressure.


  Are u taking any medication regularly? *一般把药称为medicine,但医生常用medication。


  I'm not taking any medication. -Is that so?我没有服用什么药.

  What's wrong with me? 我哪儿不好?

  Is it serious?严重吗?