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without doubt的中文翻译: adv.毫无疑问地

同义词:no doubtto be sure
doubtlessbeyond any doubtbeyond questionundoubtedly

without doubt的英语解释:
  • admittedly
  • with certainty
  • 相关短语:
  • a distinction without difference 名义上的区别,实际上不存在的区别,人为制造的区别
  • absence without leave 擅离职守,开小差
  • absence without notice 悄悄溜走,不辞而别
  • adjourn without a day 无限期休会
  • be without equal 无比,无敌
  • do without 不需要,设法不用…来应付
  • without doubt的例句:
  • A matter of course ; without doubt
  • Clear(about/on sth);without doubt,confusion or difficulty;certain

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