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without doubt的中文翻译: adv.毫无疑问地

同义词:no doubtto be suredoubtlessbeyond any doubtbeyond questionundoubtedly

without doubt的英语解释:
  • admittedly
  • with certainty
  • 相关短语:
  • without a bean 一文不名,一分钱也没有
  • without a blink of qualm 不在乎, 很镇静
  • without a blow 不费一兵一卒,毫不费力地
  • without a breach of continuity 不间断地,连续不断地
  • without a break 不间断地,不停地,不休息地
  • without a break of adv.不断地
  • without a division 【法】 无分歧, 一致
  • without a doubt 毫无疑问,毋庸置疑
  • without a grain of 一点也没有
  • without a hearing 不加审讯,未举行听证会
  • without doubt的例句:
  • Without a doubt, it is valid, and the program has put its foot in its mouth.
  • Without any doubt, we should adopt for and facilitate the former scenario and guard against the latter.
  • He is the bald-headed, sunburned gentleman who dumped the pail of garbage, without any doubt
  • A matter of course ; without doubt
  • To doubt with apprehension and without relief
  • We have now found the roundabout without any doubt.
  • Her intention shone through without doubt.
  • Clear(about/on sth);without doubt,confusion or difficulty;certain
  • Her spoken English is not very good, but her meaning shone through without doubt.
  • "Without strong backing, it is doubtful that these terrorists could have been so bold and brutal."

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