sound in wind and limb的中文解释

沪江词库精选sound in wind and limb是什么意思、中英文句子翻译、英语短语。
sound in wind and limb的中文释义: adj.身体健全的
  • a riot of sound 声音嘈杂,人声鼎沸
  • a sound mind in a sound body n. 有健康的身体才有健康的精神
  • apprehend danger in every sound 风声鹤唳,草木皆兵
  • arouse sb from a sound sleep 把某人从熟睡中唤醒
  • as sound as a bell adv.十分健全
  • as sound as a bull 身体健壮,壮得像头牛
  • at the sound of 一听到…的声音
  • be sound on the goose v. 持正统观点
  • in a sound sleep 睡得正香
  • sound in wind and limb的例句:
  • Remarkably sound in wind and limb for his age
  • "And now through pine-trees come the moon and the chill of evening, and my ears feel pure with the sound of wind and water"

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