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give off the handle英语翻译成中文: 死,丧命
  • Can you give me some information 你能提供我一些消息吗
  • give ... short shrift 对…漠不关心,对…怠慢无礼
  • give ... the goose 对…发嘘声;加快…的速度
  • give a ball 举行舞会
  • give a bend to 使…弯曲
  • give a bond for 为…担保
  • give a decision for 做出有利于…的决定
  • give a definition for 给…下定义
  • give a different reading to 对…作出不同的解释
  • give off the handle的例句:
  • Trees give off large quantities of water and serve as cooling agents.
  • To give off(vapor containing waste products)through the pores of the skin or the stomata of plant tissue.
  • fireflies give off flashes of light when they fly at night
  • The heater can give off much warmth.
  • The lighter parts of the crude oil are used mainly for fuel, but each one differs from the others in the amount of heat it will give off

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