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balance of payments的意思是:名词 贸易支付差额

同义词:balance of international payments

balance of payments的英语解释:
  • a system of recording all of a country's economic transactions with the rest of the world over a period of one year
  • 相关短语:
  • balance (bal.) 结存
  • balance a budget 平衡预算
  • balance account 结算帐户,决算帐户,决算帐户
  • balance account book 【经】 余额登记簿
  • balance account with 【经】 与...结清各帐
  • balance accounts 与...结清帐目, (跟某人)算账, (向某人)报复
  • balance accounts with v.与...结清帐目
  • balance adjustment 平衡调节[调整]
  • balance agitator 摆式抖动器,摆式搅拌器
  • balance aileron 平衡副翼
  • balance of payments的例句:
  • balance of receipts and payments of credit funds
  • Can I have it on my payment of the balance?
  • It is said to have a deficit on its balance of payments.
  • A healthy balance-of-payments position
  • How do we compile a balance of payments statements?
  • Because of large payment to suppliers, the account have a debit balance of 1000.
  • The outflow of gold can temporarily finance the balance of payments deficit
  • If a country has had a persistent deficit in its balance of payments, it has to adopt measures to correct the position.
  • The modern monetary theory of the balance of payments has added an extra layer of assurance to Hume's dictum
  • we keep those balances in a tax accrual trust account specifically reserved for tax payments.

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