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act in concert with是什么意思: 与…行动一致

  • act a good part 英勇地战斗[斗争]
  • act a lie v. 用行动骗人
  • act a part v.扮演一个角色,装腔作势
  • act a part in (在...中)扮演角色 (在...中)起作用
  • act according to 根据…行事
  • act according to circumstances 随机应变
  • act against 违反,违背
  • act against duty 【法】 违反义务行为
  • act against sb's advice 违背某人的意见
  • act and deed n. 有约束力的契约
  • act in concert with的例句:
  • Of or relating to a group of genes that act in concert to produce a specific phenotype.
  • Acting in concert without previous arrangement
  • We must act in concert with the other small firms.
  • The pop concert went off like a damp squib when the main act failed to appear.

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